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The future of fashion

As long-term investors, we think carefully about the impact of secular changes in consumer behavior on industries and individual companies. In this new white paper, we identify and analyze the secular trends that look set to have the biggest impact on the fashion industry over the coming decade.

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  • Sam Brasser - Consumer Analyst

    Sam Brasser

    Consumer Analyst

  • Dora Buckulčíková - Portfolio Manager

    Dora Buckulčíková

    Portfolio Manager

  • Danae Motta - Engagement Specialist

    Danae Motta

    Engagement Specialist

The first chapter of this paper is dedicated to the topic of sustainability. We analyze five emerging trends that could unlock the transition towards a significantly more sustainable, fair and circular fashion industry. The second chapter explores how digitalization and the blurring of boundaries between physical and digital retail, are giving rise to entirely new product categories, business models and manufacturing methods.

In the third chapter, we look at casualization and personalization, two secular growth areas that accelerated during the pandemic and reflect consumers’ evolving lifestyles.

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Investeren in de toekomst van duurzame mode

Fashion Engagement Equities stelt beleggers in staat om te profiteren van groeikansen op de lange termijn in de modesector en om een bijdrage te leveren aan de duurzaamheidstransitie in deze sector.

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