Our funds are moved – will you join us?

Our funds are moved – will you join us?

RobecoSAM funds are transferred to the Robeco SICAV

  • As in private life, there comes a time with mutual funds when they have to find a new home as they are no longer appropriate for one's particular needs.

  • This, now, applies to those RobecoSAM mutual funds that are not already part of the Robeco Capital Growth Funds SICAV1 . We are informing you about all aspects of this change, which took place on 30 October 2020.

    New ISIN codes

What you need to know in brief

  • The investment strategies are unchanged
    Strategy and management remain the same. It is simply a technical measure.

    New ISIN codes & WKNs
    From a technical point of view it represents a merger. Thus the portfolios are given new ISIN codes and securities identification numbers.

    Savings schemes
    Please check whether existing savings schemes are continued on your transaction platforms. It is possible that this is not automatically the case.
  • Suspension of trading
    An orderly transfer means that a suspension of trading is unavoidable, unfortunately. Therefore, from 22 until 30 October 2020, no orders can be placed.

    Resumption of trading
    The first day of trading with the new ISIN codes will be Monday 2 November 2020.

    The cost of the transfer/merger will be borne by Robeco. In most cases the ongoing fees 2 for managing the funds will be lower.

Brief overview for investors

The current KIIDs can be found here:
  • 1What is a SICAV?
    Mutual funds require a legal form or a regulatory framework in order to facilitate collective investing with other investors. A SICAV sales prospectus sets out the regulations that the asset manager has to comply with when managing the investors' funds. SICAV stands for 'Société d'investissement à capital variable' (investment company with variable capital). This legal form is a particular form used in France and Luxembourg for mutual funds. The mutual funds market in Europe must satisfy strict regulatory constraints.

    2What are the ongoing fees?
    Ongoing fees include the administration fees for continuous management of the funds plus incidental costs for the administration of the investment vehicle which, at Robeco, is summarized as 'Service Fee'.