Celebrating 50 editions of the Credit Quarterly Outlook

Celebrating 50 editions of the Credit Quarterly Outlook

25-06-2020 | Webinar de producto
Managing global credit portfolios is not for the faint-hearted, as proven again with the sell-off caused by Covid-19. But great returns are possible if you know what you’re doing. Robeco has a long and successful history in managing credit portfolios and has faithfully documented their ups and downs in the Credit Quarterly Outlook, which is celebrating its 50th edition this month.
  • Victor  Verberk
    CIO Fixed Income and Sustainability
  • Sander  Bus
    Co-head Credit team
In this webinar, credits team co-heads Victor Verberk and Sander Bus will share some of the lessons learned from twelve and a half years of delivering the outlook. It’s not just a publication – it’s the embodiment of an entire investment process. They provide an update on Robeco’s global investment grade and high yield strategies, and explain how we’re still being contrarian, 50 editions later.
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