23-09-2021 · Webinar de producto

The Next Digital Billion strategy

The internet is shifting. It is shifting in speed of development, and where and by whom new technologies are created. And the shift is such that very soon the majority of global internet users will live in emerging markets, where hundreds of millions join the connected population every year.


  • Michiel van Voorst - Portfolio Manager

    Michiel van Voorst

    Portfolio Manager

We believe this will lead to the next wave of value creation in the technology and internet sectors, bringing new opportunities for investors. Opportunities that will not only positively impact billions of people, but also have the potential to result in tremendous amounts of value created over the coming decades.

To benefit from this massive wave of internet adoption, Robeco launched the Next Digital Billion equity strategy. Portfolio managers Bryan Satterly and Michiel van Voorst explain in this webinar how an investor can capitalize on this trend.

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