Sustainable investing

Returns that benefit the world we live in

Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of generations to come. It’s not just a tick-the-boxes activity for us: Robeco has been a global leader in sustainable investing since 1995.

Working on real impact

We know that sustainability is a long-term force for change and a driver to integrate ESG across our investment solutions, actively engage with companies, and work on real impact.

By diving deeper to understand dynamics and impact, our comprehensive sustainable approach leads to better-informed investment decisions. Creating better returns – and looking after the world we live in.

Our long commitment to sustainability often leads to external recognition: Robeco ranked first place for SI in the renowned ShareAction survey of 75 global asset managers.

Climate investing: from urgency to solutions

Nothing is impossible

The one thing we cannot do is nothing. Our Sustainability Inside approach, which uses ESG building blocks, is applied to the majority of our strategies. As of December 2023, we have more than 195 billion USD assets integrating ESG. We tailor our solutions to individual risk budgets and SI needs, while ensuring ESG information is consistently integrated into our investment processes.

With an extensive range of impact investing products, we also cater to investors with explicit ESG targets, like environmental footprint reduction, investors who wish to contribute to the SDGs, or invest in themes, like water or gender equality.

Our sustainable strategies Sustainable Finance Action Plan

A team of engagement specialists maintains an active dialogue with 200 companies to influence corporate behavior. They also vote at around 5,000 shareholder meetings, creating real change. For example, following our engagement, Shell agreed to set short-term targets for cutting carbon emissions, and will link executive pay to meeting these objectives for the first time. We endorse numerous codes of conduct and principles. Robeco is a PRI signatory, a participant in the UNGC and the ICGN. We have also signed the Dutch SDG Investing Agenda and several local stewardship codes.

You can embark on sustainability investing in small steps. What we see at Robeco is that, as knowledge of and experience in SI increase across the organization, so does conviction. Nothing is impossible.

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Climate Investing

Climate Investing