Robeco US

Since 1997, Robeco Institutional Asset Management US, Inc. (RIAM US) has offered institutional investors in the US and Canada research-driven fundamental and quantitative investment capabilities based on global and emerging market equity and fixed income strategies. We integrate ESG into all our capabilities and have done so for over 20 years.

199 billion

billion USD in assets under management (December 2023)

195 billion

USD billion is managed in ESG-integrated assets (December 2023)

76 billion

billion USD is managed based on Quant models (December 2023)


marks Robeco's start in Rotterdam


saw our first emerging markets investment


offices welcome 1049 employees around the world (December 2023)


We are researchers

Developing superior solutions requires an innovative nature and a pioneering spirit. That’s why we nurture a culture in which new ideas are welcomed and embraced, from investing in Peru in 1930 and Hong Kong in 1968 to launching our first sustainable strategy in 1995.

Who we are


1929: Laying the Foundations

Just weeks after the Wall Street Crash, seven Rotterdam businessmen formed a syndicate to invest people's savings and manage money collectively. They named it the Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium, later shortened to Robeco. They thought stocks had hit at a low point, but due to the Great Depression, they lost half their money in the first two years. However, they persevered, laying the foundations for the modern Robeco.

1929: Laying the Foundations

Robeco US

The US and Canada are key markets for RIAM US; our commitment stems from the interest we see from institutional investors in ESG driven investing paired with a product offering that is well positioned to provide investment solutions that may be unnoticed new opportunities for alpha, where we rely on a continuous research driven agenda to adapt to the changing world and our client needs.

Our Team


Robeco is fully owned by ORIX Europe, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation. ORIX Corporation is a Japanese business conglomerate that started operating in 1964.

Robeco has an Executive Committee and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Committee develops and executes the Robeco strategy, and manages the company on a day-to-day basis. The Supervisory Board monitors the execution of the company policy and advises the Executive Committee. Its members includes a representative from ORIX Corporation.

Integrated Annual report

Integrated Annual report

Robeco’s Integrated Annual Report (IAR) contains detailed insights into our financial and non-financial progress towards our strategic ambitions and demonstrates how we create value for our stakeholders. The IAR explains how we generate return on investment for our clients, contribute to economic stability, while simultaneously aim to take part in addressing the societal challenges of our time.