Robeco & City to Sea

True sustainable investing means putting your money where your mouth is. Robeco is proud to have been the main corporate sponsor of City to Sea for two years, helping to stop reliance on environmentally destructive single-use plastic bottles and promote the Refill concept instead. We feel we’ve left a lasting legacy.



Since the 1950s the production of plastic has outpaced any other material, and much of it is designed to be used just once. Today, over half of our waste is plastic which never really decomposes, rather it breaks down in to microplastics and contaminates soil and water.

1 million

Plastic bottles are bought every minute globally

*The Guardian 2017

8 million

Metric tons of plastic dumped in the ocean each year



Of plastic is not recycled

*National Geographic 2017

We have all heard the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our focus is not on recycling, rather reduction: preventing plastic solution at source.

Practical steps

The most powerful impact can be seen when big business implements real change – that’s one reason why Robeco’s team of engagement experts work with the companies in which we invest. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all take steps as individuals. One simple way you can make a difference is joining in the City to Sea Refill campaign supported by Robeco.

Preventing plastic pollutions

The average person in the UK will use 150 plastic water bottles every year. If just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we’d have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation. Meaning less plastic in our waterways and strewn on our beaches.

Making refilling accessible

Refill aims to reduce plastic pollution at source by making it easier for people to reuse and refill their bottle with free tap water, rather than buying a new one. The app lists over 14,000 cafes, bars and restaurants who offer free tap water refills.