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Global Consumer Trends 2022

As new generations come of age, consumer behavior is changing around the world. Our Consumer Trends strategy focuses on the major shifts that are currently shaping consumers’ spending preferences globally. Our aim is to uncover the structural winners of these changes. This year we are paying specific attention to 1. Digital Transformation of consumption 2. Emerging middle class and 3. Health and well-being.

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What trends will prevail in the New Normal?

In this webinar, Richard Speetjens, Head of Trends Investing and Portfolio Manager of Robeco Global Consumer Trends, and Patrick Lemmens, Portfolio Manager of Robeco FinTech, review events from the past year and discuss what trends are likely to prevail in the future. They examine what impact the metaverse can have on portfolios, and why fintech is increasingly about establishing the right connections.

During this webinar they have covered:

  • The concepts behind the next generation of consumer and fintech buzzwords

  • How to separate metaverse fads from longer-term trends

  • How fintech trends such as embedded finance are leaving some companies behind

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