Discover the Robeco Climate Investing Solutions

To drive real climate progress, we need all the pieces to come together - policy frameworks, consumers, technology, and so on. As investors, we can redirect capital toward companies that are offering solutions. Clean energy transition and electric vehicles are familiar climate solutions to most. But what about decarbonization in manufacturing? Sustainable water management? The circular economy? How do these contribute to the climate transition?

Complex challenge demands multiple solutions

Watch our webinar replay to learn more about the RobecoSAM thematic climate investing solutions – watch the full replay here or choose the segments that most interest you below.

Post COP26, now what?

Kenny Robertson, Client Portfolio Manager – Sustainable Investing

[6 min] - Although not all our expectations were met at COP26, we see significant progress that will influence policy making, drive innovation, change business models and create new opportunities for decades to come.

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Overview on the RobecoSAM Thematic Climate Investing Solutions

Berit Gehring, Client Portfolio Manager – Thematic Investing

[5 min] - In this segment, we discuss the six steps to climate-proof your investments and how investors can contribute by investing directly in the climate transition through thematic strategies.

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Making manufacturing cleaner, greener and leaner

Pieter Busscher, Senior Portfolio Manager – Smart Materials

[9 min] - Population and income growth have stoked an unprecedented increase in consumer demand, generating excess carbon emissions, waste and pollution across the manufacturing supply chain. So how can innovative materials and processing technologies companies in the Smart Materials portfolio help address these challenges?

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Sustainable solutions to water scarcity

Dieter Küffer, Senior Portfolio Manager – Sustainable Water

[10 min] - Climate change is going to amplify some of our existing water challenges. Robeco has been investing in sustainable water solutions for 20 years and in this segment, we go over some of the companies that are providing solutions to maximize water resources across the water extraction and reuse cycle – from water infrastructure and distribution systems to quality and analytics.

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Creating value in loops with circular economy

Nicolas Beneton, Senior Client Portfolio Manager – Thematic Investing

[12 min] - The linearity of the modern global economy is hard to escape, with its enormous swathes of pollution, excess waste, and depletion of natural resources. These are all hallmarks of a “take, make, dispose“ paradigm fueled by business and devoured by consumers. Circular solutions focus instead on recycling, repairing, and reusing existing materials. Learn more about the value in loops and the types of companies that are enabling them in this video.

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