Three sustainable strategies for the Christmas tree

Three sustainable strategies for the Christmas tree

22-12-2020 | Produktwebinar
As we approach Christmas time, the time is right to reflect upon these unprecedented times. It’s been a year with a global pandemic, economic turbulence, and political landslides. What pockets of the markets could still provide interesting opportunities and positively surprise us, even after the strong rebound of markets since the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year? And just how much will sustainable trends continue to benefit from the election of Joe Biden going into 2021?
  • Folmer Pietersma
    Portfolio Manager
  • Nicolas Bénéton
    CFA, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager Folmer Pietersma (Robeco Sustainable Property Equities) outlines his agile way of investing and addressing the current challenges in the global property markets. He also elaborates on his belief that real estate companies focusing on sustainability provide more appealing investment opportunities. Portfolio Manager Holger Frey (RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities) then describes how he targets companies that are building more resource-efficient economic models. Finally, Nicolas Beneton (product specialist Robeco) explains how the Sustainable Water strategy contributes to, amongst others, a world with better access to clean water. Three strategies offering very exciting investment opportunities and at the same time perfectly fitting the Christmas theme: investing for a better world.


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