24-06-2021 · Produktwebinar

What’s buzzing in fintech? Targeting the alphabet soup of opportunities

Fintech has proven to be one of the few winners of Covid-19, as the pandemic has accelerated the already brisk digitalization of financial services. It is uniquely an investment segment where the adage of ‘standing still is going backwards’ still holds. And the structural switch from cash to cards is seen growing further once economies fully reopen and consumers can spend their savings again.


  • Carl Ghielen - Client Portfolio Manager

    Carl Ghielen

    Client Portfolio Manager

  • Koos Burema - Portfolio Manager

    Koos Burema

    Portfolio Manager

In this webinar, Koos Burema, Portfolio Manager, and Carl Ghielen, Client Portfolio Manager, outline how fintech has become an alphabet soup of opportunities. We now have CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), DeFi (decentralized finance) and BNPL (buy now pay later) platforms on our radar. And then there’s the old acronym favorites, the IPOs and M&A deals which are dominating the space.

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