06-05-2021 · Produktwebinar

Leveraging the future: the global consumer trends that are here to stay

A trend is often described as the future happening now, and it presents one of the best investment opportunities out there. Covid-19 has changed all our lives, accelerating trends such as cashless payments and reshaping others such as online shopping. Meanwhile, the focus on health and well-being has reached new heights, along with the desire for more sustainable consumption.

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  • Jack Neele - Portfolio Manager

    Jack Neele

    Portfolio Manager

  • Ed Verstappen - Client Portfolio Manager

    Ed Verstappen

    Client Portfolio Manager

In our latest webinar, Jack Neele, portfolio manager of the Global Consumer Trends Equities strategy, and Ed Verstappen, client portfolio manager, will discuss how the fund targets the winners of tomorrow that are also winning today. They will give an update on what they’re looking for in the megatrends of digitalization, health & well-being, and the rising middle class in emerging markets.

By the end of the session, we’ll have covered:

  • How the portfolio has been updated to reflect the current investment climate

  • The structural trends that are expected to continue beyond Covid-19

  • Positioning for the future of commerce, the caring economy, and luxury goods

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