08-04-2021 · Vidéo produit

Aligning credit portfolios with the post-Covid-19 world and the SDGs

The world is on track to get back to normal as countries speed up their vaccination efforts and restart their economies. Equity markets have soared on the prospect, but to what extent have credit markets already priced in a return to post-pandemic economic conditions? Can investors expect decent returns when normality resumes, or will rising bond yields spoil the party?


  • Erik Keller - Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits

    Erik Keller

    Client Portfolio Manager Global Credits

In our latest webinar, Erik Keller, Senior Client Portfolio Manager for SDG Credits, answers these questions. He explains what the right investment strategy is to pursue in the current market environment, drawing on the Q2 Credit Quarterly Outlook. He also explains how aligning a credit portfolio with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals can offer attractive financial returns.

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