Active ownership

Active ownership is a key tenet of sustainable investing, which has been part of Robeco’s DNA for decades. We believe that being active owners of the companies in which we invest contributes to both investment results and society. We have huge experience in using engagement to seek improvements in the sustainable characteristics of companies, and voting on issues at shareholder meetings.



Stewardship means responsibly managing the assets that have been entrusted to us, and reporting openly on how we uphold sustainability principles when doing so. Actively exercising our stewardship responsibilities is an integral part of Robeco’s SI approach.

It is closely aligned with our investment mission – to use research-based, quality-driven processes to produce the best possible long-term results for our clients. Therefore, our stewardship activities are aimed at long-term value creation in our wide range of portfolios.

Stewardship policy of Robeco

Robeco Stewardship Report 2022

Facts & figures

Source: Robeco, Stewardship Report 2022

350 EUR

billion assets under engagement


markets voted


companies engaged

136 EUR

billion assets under voting

72 %

cases closed successfully


engagement themes


engagement cases

60 %

meetings voted against management


shareholder meetings voted


proposals we voted on

Where we engage and vote

Where we engage and vote

How we progress (Themes and companies under engagement)

How we progress (Themes and companies under engagement)

Active ownership reporting

Keeping clients and stakeholders informed of our stewardship activities is an important element of exercising our responsibilities. Every quarter we outline the highlights of our active ownership activities, providing insight into our voting and engagement achievements, trends we observe, and the major themes we’re following.

Highlights of our active ownership activities

Proxy voting results

Robeco votes at around 5,000 shareholder annual general meetings every year. Transparency is a vital part of sustainability, so we publish our voting records on our website and in quarterly and annual reports. Robeco has not been afraid to vote against contentious proposals or resolutions at shareholder meetings, and has often voted against the reappointment of directors who have not fulfilled their obligations to good governance, including issues of remuneration.

How we voted Shareholder meetings

Proxy voting results

Stewardship & collaboration

Robeco believes strongly in collaboration in a rapidly changing world. We therefore work with a wide range of international organizations as part of our commitment to making financial markets more sustainable. We are signatories to a diverse array of global initiatives, such as the Principles for Responsible Investment, the United Nations Global Compact and the International Corporate Governance Network. We are also members of more bespoke initiatives such as the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, the Transition Pathway Initiative. Put simply, we believe we are stronger together.

Relevant codes and memberships