03-30-2023 · Insight

Global Climate Investing Survey 2023: Keeping the faith

Investors are keeping the faith in trying to combat global warming, the 2023 Robeco Global Climate Survey has revealed. The number of investors for whom climate change is a significant part of their investment policy has remained stable at above seven in ten.


  • Lucian Peppelenbos - Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

    Lucian Peppelenbos

    Climate & Biodiversity Strategist

That’s despite a barrage of headwinds from the Russia-Ukraine war which provoked an energy crisis and soaring inflation to a regional divergence in political pressure over sustainability itself. Anti-ESG sentiment has been rising in parts of the US, whereas in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, investors fear the reverse situation of being penalized for not integrating ESG.

In short, the key issue now is moving from aspiration to implementation. Investors are converting a desire for more sustainable policies into the actual integration of net zero in portfolios.

What the 2023 Global Climate Survey means for investors

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