Opportunity: Credit investing

Capturing the rewards from credit

By all standards, we’ve seen a very significant repricing of fixed income markets, including the market in credits. The world looks grim, with economic growth weakening and inflation soaring. As central banks respond aggressively and rates move higher, volatility has been rising. But volatility creates plenty of opportunities – if you know what you’re doing.

Why credits?

The credit asset class offers investors a variety of options with attractive risk-return characteristics.

History shows us that over the long term, corporate bonds have provided diversification and helped to reduce portfolio volatility. This is because they can provide positive returns in years when equity markets decline.

Aside from the diversification benefits, credits also have income-generating ability and investors have historically allocated to this asset class to benefit accordingly. Income return is a substantial driver of longer-term bond returns. With yields now increasing, the ability to generate higher income in the future has increased substantially.

Sander Bus - CIO High Yield, Portfolio Manager

Sander Bus
CIO High Yield, Portfolio Manager

With the repricing of fixed income markets, corporate bond yields have risen sharply and may provide an attractive entry point

Why now?

Investing in credits means you’re getting exposure to the credit cycle. This describes recurring phases of easy and tight borrowing and lending in the economy. By understanding where we are in the credit cycle, the Robeco team can identify the best opportunities in the credit markets.

With the repricing of fixed income markets, corporate bond yields have risen sharply and now provide an attractive entry point from which to build back bond exposure in a portfolio.

Higher rates and credit spreads could enable investors to earn higher income in the coming years. With the economic outlook becoming more challenging, we think it's very likely that bonds could go back to being a hedge against equity market volatility. We therefore believe that investors should consider building back bond exposure.

The market cycle

The market cycle

Mapping our view on market segments
Source: Robeco, September 2022

Why Robeco?

We’ve been corporate bond investors since the 1970s and were one of the first European investors to launch a global high yield credit strategy. We’re also an industry leader in sustainable credits investing, with SDG and climate-focused credit strategies.

Contrarian approach

Contrarian approach

Our style is contrarian, value-focused and research-driven. The success of this style relies on our in-depth research capabilities. Robeco’s international team of analysts has the research skills, global sector expertise and sustainable investing knowledge necessary to help the portfolio managers to select the best opportunities.

Sustainability included

Sustainability included

Robeco has long been a leader in SI. Our rigorous sustainability checks and balances help us make better-informed investment decisions.

Our Flagship solution

Our Flagship solution

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