New partnership

Robeco and World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands(WWF-NL) are joining forces

Our shared ambition is to show leadership in facilitating the transition to nature- positive finance. We aim to do this by combining our areas of expertise to highlight the urgency of protecting and restoring biodiversity. We will build knowledge on how to integrate biodiversity in financial decision making and share good examples to inspire other stakeholders in the financial sector to take action.

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Robeco and WWF-NL have defined three overarching workstreams for this partnership:

  • Collaborate on the Robeco biodiversity roadmap as published in January 2022, including impact and dependency measurement and management

  • Co-develop biodiversity investment strategies

  • Inspire and activate clients and other stakeholders in the financial sector to integrate biodiversity into their investments.

Aaron Vermeulen - Practice leader finance, WWF-NL

Aaron Vermeulen
Practice leader finance, WWF-NL

The natural world is in crisis: never in human history has biodiversity declined as fast as it is doing so today

“Our general aim is that within the next few years we will be able to measure and steer on our contribution as an investor to the protection of biodiversity and nature in partnership with WWF-NL and other collaborations such as the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.”

“Robeco’s internal biodiversity roadmap, captured in its white paper, is a real step forward. It aims to understand and address nature-related impacts and dependencies across its organization. We look forward to collaborating with Robeco to ensure robust implementation.”

Peter van der Werf - Head of Engagement

Peter van der Werf
Head of Engagement

The financial sector and the asset management industry in which we sit have a crucial role to play in helping to prevent further biodiversity loss

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