Investing in the transition to a nature positive world through new biodiversity strategy

Investing in the transition to a nature positive world through new biodiversity strategy

03-11-2022 | Webinar

Protecting the Earth’s biodiversity has become as urgent as tackling climate change. Up to one millions species are at risk from unsustainable human development, and it’s not just an ecological threat – half of global GDP is dependent on nature in some way. At the same time, it’s also a massive investment opportunity through a market potentially worth USD 10 trillion in moving to more nature-friendly business practices.

  • Aaron Re'em
    Portfolio Manager
  • David Thomas
    Portfolio Manager
  • Peter van der Werf
    van der Werf
    Engagement Specialist

Our new thematic investment strategy, RobecoSAM Biodiversity Equities, targets those companies that are strategically positioned for a biodiverse future. In this webinar, David Thomas and Aaron Re’em, Portfolio Managers, discuss the different investment areas within the biodiversity theme, how they assess biodiversity eligibility and where they see the biggest opportunities. Peter van der Werf, Senior Manager Engagement, explains how the team engage with portfolio companies to improve their biodiversity strategy and reduce their biodiversity footprint.

Key topics covered:

  • How biodiversity is an investment opportunity captured by the strategy
  • The kinds of companies targeted, from sustainable sourcing/wastewater treatment to sustainable aquaculture
  • How engagement with up to 25% of portfolio companies contributes to the strategy


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