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Webinar: Policy missteps could hurt markets more than the virus

Webinar: Policy missteps could hurt markets more than the virus

03-03-2020 | Webinar

We discuss how the implications of the coronavirus are shaping the long-term investment strategy for equities.

  • Fabiana Fedeli
    Global Head of Fundamental Equities
  • Richard Purkiss
    Portfolio Manager

Speed read

  • Compared with other viral outbreaks, the coronavirus resembles more closely an influenza-like disease pattern
  • The cost of policy missteps, such as shutting down activity for longer than warranted, could far exceed the economic impact of the virus
  • For longer-term investors the panic surrounding the outbreak could offer pockets of attractive value
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The market response to the spread of the coronavirus has been acute. What are the implications for the global economy and financial markets? In this short webinar Fabiana Fedeli, Global Head of Robeco Fundamental Equities, and Dr Richard Purkiss, Portfolio Manager for Global Equity at Robeco and former medical researcher, present their views on the nature of the virus. They discuss how these views are shaping the long-term investment strategy of the team.



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