Sustainable Investing Glossary


The exclusion of sectors or companies from an investment portfolio if they do not comply with specific ESG criteria.

Investors can choose to exclude a list of controversial countries or companies that do not comply with international agreements or treaties, such as producers of controversial weapons. 

Sustainable asset managers have the primary duty to obtain a good performance for their clients, and want to achieve this in a sustainable way. Consequently, they tend to focus less on exclusion, but prefer to have a constructive dialogue with companies to encourage them to improve their sustainability performance. If companies are excluded from the outset, the asset manager can no longer exert any influence on them. 

Ethically driven funds can take this further and exclude companies that do not comply with their moral beliefs, such as companies that are involved in deforestation or child labor.

Making better-informed investment decisions
Making better-informed investment decisions
Sustainable investing
The spy in the sky for deforestation
The spy in the sky for deforestation
Robeco has teamed up with a satellite data company to detect deforestation in palm oil plantations.
15-11-2019 | Insight
Webinar replay: ‘Ask me Anything’ on sustainable investing
Webinar replay: ‘Ask me Anything’ on sustainable investing
Gilbert Van Hassel and Masja Zandbergen discuss sustainable investing.
14-11-2019 | Announcement
A message in 100 million bottles
A message in 100 million bottles
A campaign to cut plastic waste is on track to save 100 million bottles from being thrown away.
14-11-2019 | Stunning statistics


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