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Trends investing

Beyond storytelling for true alpha generation

Trends investing is a great way for investors to take advantage of long-term changes, because trends are structurally underestimated. The human brain can hardly grasp their exponential growth. We have been exploring and profiting from this phenomenon for a long time.

The Big Book of trends and thematic investing

Picking the winners

  • To go beyond just telling great stories about trends, we dive deeper into trends investing. Our research enables us to determine the trends that will be shaping our world going forward. With this key performance driver for trends investing, we’ve built up a strong trends and thematic capability that contributes to our aim to successfully generate alpha.

    Exponential growth. Disruption. New business models. For an investor to benefit, we have to pick the structural winners, but above all, avoid the losers.
  • Trends investing is about finding alpha, for example, by investing during the acceleration stage of technology adoption and side-stepping during the decelerating wave. 

    Trends investing is not about ‘going with the flow’. It is about anticipating the flow: looking ahead at the next decade; at our economy, our society and our planet.

    Trend investing white papers

Finding tomorrow’s trends

Trends can be the key to long-term outperformance, but the investment process needs to be research-driven. We explain how to spot new trends and benefit from them.

  • Megatrends

    Three megatrends are shaping the world to come: preserving Earth, transforming technology, and changing socio-demographics. These combine in unique ways to form the basis of our strategies. Think of Fintech and industrial innovation. Or more generic strategies, like our global growth strategy and consumer trends. We invest in attractive, high quality companies with pure trend exposure.

    Our range also comprises impact investment strategies focusing on specific sustainable themes and/or SDGs, like sustainable water and smart mobility.

    Our trend strategies

Megatrends shape business and society

Three powerful megatrends are shaping today’s world – transformative technology, ‘preserving Earth’ and changing sociodemographics.

Sustainability at the heart of our approach

  • Trends & thematic investing is a combined investment platform between Robeco in Rotterdam and the sustainability experts of RobecoSAM in Zurich. ESG information is systematically integrated in the investment process of all trend & thematic strategies. We firmly believe this leads to better-informed investment decisions.

Tap into our expertise

Keep up with our knowledge and trends through articles, podcasts and videos:

More insights

Tap into our expertise

Keep up with our knowledge and trends through articles, podcasts and videos:

More insights
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The next digital billion: How internet adoption is boosting global growth
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Unlocking 5G’s potential
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Trends investing: finding the winners among skewed equity returns
Trends investing: finding the winners among skewed equity returns
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Three megatrends shaping the world
Three megatrends shaping the world
Three megatrends reflecting each aspect of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) spectrum are shaping the sustainability investing world.
01-11-2018 | Insight
In addition to trends investing, we also have four other key strengths:


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