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Key strengths

Research is embedded in our DNA

Since the beginning of Robeco, research has been the driving force behind every investment decision made. We believe that an innovative, evidence-based investing process can deliver long-term value for our clients. With investment teams looking beyond their own areas and actively sharing ideas, this knowledge-based approach has progressively developed four key strengths:

Quantitative investing
Leading the way in quantitative investing

Quantitative investing

We’ve been a leader in quantitative investing for over 25 years. With our experienced research and investment teams, systematic exploitation of market inefficiencies and track records, we aim to deliver superior investment returns.

  • 25 years of applied quantitative innovation
    Turning research into practical quant solutions
  • > 40 quant investment professionals
    One of the biggest quantitative teams in Europe
  • 1 clear investment philosophy
    A broad quant product range based on straightforward beliefs
Sustainable investing
Making better-informed investment decisions

Sustainable investing

We integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into the majority of our investment processes, for fundamental and quantitative strategies over a range of asset classes. We’re convinced that this approach leads to better-informed investment decisions and is therefore vital in creating value for our clients.
  • 1990s We start pioneering
    A leader in sustainability integration
  • A+ On most PRI scores
    First-rate ESG integration across asset classes
  • € 129 bn Assets integrating ESG
    At the forefront of a growing movement

Expertise in credits and emerging markets

  • Credits investing

    At the forefront of credit management

    We have a long history in credit, having been investing in corporate bonds since the 1970s. Today, we run an extensive range of fundamentally managed credit portfolios that are based on in-depth research and a contrarian outlook.
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  • Emerging markets

    Harnessing opportunities across the emerging world

    Robeco’s history investing in emerging markets is almost as long as our history as a company: we made our first emerging market investment – in Peru – back in 1930, the year after our company was founded.
    More about emerging markets
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