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Maarten Polfliet

Portfolio Manager
Broadly diversified portfolios based on a rules-based approach are a perfect way to systematically profit from the sound principles of value investing

Maarten Polfliet is Portfolio Manager within the Conservative Equities team. Until March 2017, his responsibilities were Robeco’s Value strategy and Low-Volatility strategy, ‘Conservative Equities’. Since then, he is fully dedicated to the Conservative Equities strategy. Previously, Maarten was a Client Portfolio Manager within quantitative equities at Robeco. From 2002, he worked at Bank Insinger de Beaufort as a Portfolio Manager for its Dutch Equity Fund, until he joined Robeco in 2005. He started his career as a Portfolio Manager for private and institutional clients at SNS Bank Nederland in 1999. He has a Master’s in Financial Economics from Tilburg University and a Master’s in Financial Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.

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