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Committed to making a difference
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Committed to making a difference

The purpose of sustainability investing is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising those of generations to come. And it is something Robeco takes very seriously.

In 2019 Robeco named single-use plastic as an official proactive engagement theme for the organization. The engagement will focus on food and beverage producers, along with the plastics manufacturers themselves. According to Carola van Lamoen, head of active ownership “almost everyone comes into contact with plastic packaging, and there are a lot of benefits, but also drawbacks in using it. Currently, 95% of plastic packaging material is only single use. We aim to get these companies to move towards a circular economy model, focusing on innovation management, plastic recycling, and plastic harmonization. Plastic producers should work towards harmonizing plastic manufacture to make recycling easier and decrease ocean littering.”

Robeco also looks for opportunities to increase impact through collaboration:

  • Signatory of As You Sow’s investor alliance on plastic engagement, an international coalition of investors representing $1 trillion in assets engaging with publicly traded consumer goods companies on the threat posed by plastic waste and pollution.

  • Signatory of the Ellen MacArthur initiative to move to a circular economy.

Furthermore, the investment research of RobecoSAM considers (where relevant) the environmental impact of packaging and attributes higher values to companies which are better prepared for a shift to sustainable packaging.

Robeco is committed to continuously monitoring our own impact and identifying opportunities to improve, while using our influence for the wider good.

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