Webinar: The future of fintech is brighter, faster and sooner

Webinar: The future of fintech is brighter, faster and sooner

29-05-2020 | Visie
In the next episode of our webinar series, we look at how the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated digitalization, making the fintech sector one of the few winners from the disruption.
  • Michiel  van Voorst
    van Voorst
    Fund Manager Equities
  • Carl Ghielen
    Client Portfolio Manager

Speed read

  • Webinar on 4 June discusses accelerated digitalization from Covid-19
  • How investors can get exposure to the fast-growing fintech sector
  • Strategy focuses on the structural winners such as cashless payments

The Covid-19 crisis caused a sharp correction in equity markets, but as we adjust to the new reality, we can observe some clear winners. Areas such as cashless payments, e-commerce and online shopping – all of which require financial technology – are seeing accelerated growth. The crisis means the future is simply coming faster, and is likely to kickstart a wider impetus to digitalize all financial services.

In this webinar, portfolio manager Michiel van Voorst and client portfolio manager Carl Ghielen will provide an update on the Robeco Fintech strategy. They will discuss the effect of the coronavirus crisis on payments, exchanges and cybersecurity, and give some insight into the latest trends in the Fintech segment.

Our interactive live webinar format allows you to connect with the presenters, along with their presentations, and ask questions afterwards. We focus on Fintech with a full Q&A. So, don't miss your chance to get the inside story and expert view on how thematic investing is really playing out during a crisis!

The live webinar will take place on Thursday 4 June at 16.00 CET. A recorded version will be available after the webinar, using the same link.

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