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Exploiting economic and financial data in an investment strategy presents some challenges: 1) Publication lag - when the data is released it already contains old information as it refers to a previous reference period; 2) Low update frequency – monthly or quarterly – can hinder the responsiveness of the investment strategy; 3) Unbalanced release dates – earnings release of companies occur on different dates; 4) Information overload - Which releases to follow? More than 7000 headlines economic time-series are available when considering the biggest 50 countries/regions for GDP1.

Nowcasting has recently gained popularity as a technique to overcome these challenges, (e.g. Banbura, Giannon and Reichlin, 2010).

The nowcasting internship topics aim at real-time predicting the state of the economy before the actual data is released to the public. The ideal internship candidate should have a strong quantitative background (Econometrics, Quantitative Economics, Statistics) and Python programming skills.

1Wolfe Research, 2017, Multi-Dimensional Alpha

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  • Nowcasting and economic momentum