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Resource efficiency themes equity
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Resource efficiency themes equity

Challenges and opportunities arising from long-term global trends

Key points:

  • RobecoSAM has five resource efficiency themes
  • Seeks to identify undervalued companies within the value chain
  • Major drivers include population growth, pollution and increasing consumption of natural resources


Companies that seek and develop solutions that combat dwindling resources exhibit long-term growth potential and are therefore poised to outperform in the long run. Examples are firms that focus on providing clean drinking water in sufficient quantities, waste water treatment and clean energy.


The investment process consists of identifying long-term growth trends and bottom-up stock selection:

  • Long-term global trends: exploring sustainability issues of current and future relevance, providing a snapshot of innovative product segments, new applications or emerging trends.
  • Bottom-up stock selection: identifying those companies within the value chain that are undervalued, and well-positioned to address the challenges and opportunities posed by long-term global trends.

RobecoSAM offers Sustainable Agribusiness, Smart Energy, Healthy Living, Smart Materials and Sustainable Water strategies.

Trends investing
Trends investing

Exploiting the behavioral biases

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The investment team consists of portfolio managers and seven equity analysts whose research focuses on those industry sectors. The team also benefits from the insights and expertise of seven sustainability investing (SI) analysts.

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