Emerging Credits

Emerging Credits

Diversified exposure to the global emerging credit market

Key points:

  • The unconstrained investment process is driven by opportunities rather than benchmarks
  • Credit research is organized according to global sectors to avoid regional biases
  • Top-down views, country and credit research incorporating ESG factors


Credit markets often show signs of dislocation and typical benchmark thinking and institutional biases mean some investment opportunities are overlooked. We believe that we can discover and capture market inefficiencies in valuation, risk and reward by combining in-depth fundamental and ESG research with contrarian portfolio construction and strict risk control.


In addition to the core portfolio of hard currency emerging credits, the strategy has the flexibility to invest in value opportunities beyond the index universe. Portfolio managers select companies based on their exposure rather than their location, and sometimes sovereign exposure is chosen over credit exposure. A company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) profile is an integral part of the credit analysis process.

Stay informed on our latest insights with monthly mail updates
Stay informed on our latest insights with monthly mail updates


Portfolio managers make investment decisions based on in-depth issuer analysis carried out by a highly experienced team of career credit analysts.

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