5-year Expected Returns


Patience is a virtue

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In our 116-page outlook, we present our forecasts for the 5-year Expected Returns for all major asset classes.

Return on developed market equities


Return on emerging market equities


Return on Euro Government Bonds


Annual returns denominated in euros

5-year Expected Returns in 5 minutes

With valuations for every major asset class looking stretched, a transition to the next phase could easily send markets into a tailspin. So, what should investors do?

Our 5-year Expected Returns includes:

  • The expected returns for all major asset classes for the 2019-2023 period
  • Analysis of market valuations and scenario analysis
  • Five special topics

For the outlook on long-term steady-state returns, read our Long-Term Expected Returns.

Last year's publication won the Best Asset Allocation Paper 2017 award
Bart Oldenkamp

Expected returns play a vital role in an investor’s strategic decision-making. With this publication, we aim to help investors with their strategic asset allocation and asset liability management.

Bart Oldenkamp, Head of Robeco Investment Solutions

Special topics

In this section we address five questions faced by professional investors.

Special topics

In this section we address five questions faced by professional investors.

The potential rewards of diversifying away from US Equities

Oil will have to be written off at some point. But not yet!

All roads lead to Rome but few lead to Italian debt sustainability

Bond. Corporate Bond

Time to get defensive?

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