Private Equity


Primary Investments

Since 2000 we have made more than 200 primary fund investments for our investors and provided them access to some of the most attractive private equity managers. The combination of our proprietary database, dedicated country coverage and disciplined investment process results in a well-balanced investment portfolio.

Secondary Investments

An allocation to secondaries can provide investors with rapid exposure, instant vintage diversification and early returns, thereby mitigating the J-curve. Our large primary platform enables a good coverage of attractive fund positions and the sourcing of secondary investment opportunities.


We pursue co-investments alongside the high quality managers in our network, while leveraging the expertise and network of our global Robeco/Orix platform for sourcing and assessing the best opportunities.

Mandate Solutions

We design strategies to achieve the investment objectives of our clients’ private equity investment programs. Each strategy is tailored by type, geography, sustainability integration, risk and reporting needs. 

Our investment capabilities and services can be offered through various structures. We can advise you on the best applicable structure, based on the size of your commitment, specific demands and existing portfolio.

We have gained experience in different types of separate accounts:

  • Managing full PE allocation of the client
  • Monitoring & reporting on the client’s existing PE allocation
  • Client involvement in decision making process
  • Allocation framework set by the client
  • ESG engagement and banned investments in specific sectors

We would be glad to take the time to talk to you about your needs and goals, and show you suitable solutions.