Professional Investor

Professional Investor within the meaning of the Dutch Act on the Financial Supervision (Wet op het financiële toezicht) or for persons which are authorized to receive such information under any other applicable laws and for professional investment advisors.

Section 1:1 of the Dutch Act on Financial Supervision

Professional investor:
a.    management company of a collective investment scheme;
b.    management company of a pension fund or of a comparable legal person or company;
c.    collective investment scheme:
d.    investment firm;
e.    national or regional government body, or government body administering the public debt;
f.     central bank;
g.    financial institution;
h.    international or supranational organisation governed by public law or comparable international organisation;
i.     credit institution;
j.     market maker;
k.    enterprise whose main activity is investing in financial instruments, implementing securitisation programmes or other financial
l.     pension fund or comparable legal person or company;
m.   person or company trading for its own account in commodities and derivatives on commodities;
n.    local firm;
o.    legal person or company that satisfies two of the following magnitude requirements:

1°. a balance sheet total of € 20,000,000 or more;
2°. net turnover of € 40,000,000 or more;
3°. equity ive jurisdiction of the courts of the Netherlands.
Investors need to know where the markets are heading
Investors need to know where the markets are heading

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Expertise where it matters most
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