Jeroen Blokland

Portfolio Manager, Robeco Global Allocation team
"Avoiding bad choices is just as important as making good decisions."

Jeroen Blokland joined the Robeco Global Allocation team as Portfolio Manager in 2009. He is fund manager for the Robeco ONE funds and the Robeco Pension Return Portfolio, which forms part of Robeco's PPI proposition. Prior to joining the Robeco Allocation team, he was employed as Investment Strategist at IRIS, the independent research institute owned by Robeco and Rabobank, where he started in 2005.

Before coming to Robeco, Jeroen held the position of asset manager and strategist at Interpolis. He holds a Master's degree in Economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and also has a VBA certificate. Jeroen is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute.

His activities also include writing regular columns for IEX Profs and Seeking Alpha. His columns often have an academic touch. His insight into established patterns and relations within the financial markets help him when taking his investment decisions. His theory is that avoiding bad choices is just as important as making good decisions. Jeroen also maintains his own blog.

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