New year fireworks, but we stick to our risk-on positioning

New year fireworks, but we stick to our risk-on positioning

14-01-2016 | インサイト

We can be relatively short with respect to our look-back assessment of 2015: disappointing. No, the US economy did not accelerate; no, the emerging economies did not rebound; and no, we did not get a good return on most assets. Oil continued to suffer, which put a drag on US credit markets and raised doubts about the strength of the world economy as a whole, depressing equity markets.

  • Lukas Daalder
    Chief Investment Officer

Sure, there were positives out there as well – the exceptions to the rule. The Eurozone did not collapse, with the economy actually doing better than expected. Real estate managed to yield a solid return, or at least those whose values are calculated in euros without using a hedge, that is.


2015 was generally speaking a disappointing year

2016 opens with a bang

Good riddance. Or not? 2016 started with a bang, with Chinese stocks down by almost 12% for the year. This might sound pretty bad if this was a report written in February, but we have only had four trading days in the year, indicating that it has been a horrific start to 2016. As we saw last August, international stock markets reacted negatively to the sell-off, surrendering all of 2015’s gains in the first trading day, with further losses added during the week. Are we worried? Sure: every time markets correct in an aggressive fashion, you should be worried. However, China stock markets live a life of their own and offer poor longer-term guidance for financial markets overall. With the US service industry and labor market strong, we stick to our risk-on positioning for now.

Multi-asset performance over the past six months: nothing but winners


当資料は情報提供を目的として、Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.が作成した英文資料、もしくはその英文資料をロベコ・ジャパン株式会社が翻訳したものです。資料中の個別の金融商品の売買の勧誘や推奨等を目的とするものではありません。記載された情報は十分信頼できるものであると考えておりますが、その正確性、完全性を保証するものではありません。意見や見通しはあくまで作成日における弊社の判断に基づくものであり、今後予告なしに変更されることがあります。運用状況、市場動向、意見等は、過去の一時点あるいは過去の一定期間についてのものであり、過去の実績は将来の運用成果を保証または示唆するものではありません。また、記載された投資方針・戦略等は全ての投資家の皆様に適合するとは限りません。当資料は法律、税務、会計面での助言の提供を意図するものではありません。




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