Tackling climate change means smart investing

Tackling climate change means smart investing

28-01-2021 | Webinar de producto
Technology is often seen as a major part of the solution in tackling global warming. Electrification of transport systems will reduce our reliance on combustion engines, while renewable energy can eventually end the use of fossil fuels for power generation. Both require innovative approaches, new minerals, and bundles of human ingenuity in the technology and investment spheres.
  • Nicolas Bénéton
    CFA, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
  • Stefanie Rath
    Client Portfolio Manager

Nicolas Beneton, Senior Client Portfolio Manager discusses how Robeco’s Smart Materials fund targets those companies that can substitute existing materials and optimize manufacturing processes, and promote circular use of resources. Stefanie Rath, Client Portfolio Manager, then outlines how Robeco’s Smart Energy fund invests in clean energy sources and energy-efficiency technologies that will transform the sector and decarbonize our economies.

At the end of the session you will understand:

  • How the use of better materials can lead to new industrial busines models
  • How the electrification of the energy sector can address global carbon reduction
  • Why robotics, electric vehicles and big data-related technologies are such a potent force
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