Robeco Global Consumer Trends: uncovering the quality compounders

Robeco Global Consumer Trends: uncovering the quality compounders

13-02-2020 | Webinar de producto
The Robeco Global Consumer Trends strategy identifies structural growth trends in consumer spending driven by demographic and technological changes. But what type of companies do we look for within the selected trends? In brief, we strive to find so-called ‘quality compounders’ – quality growth stocks that are able to compound shareholder value on a consistent basis. We firmly believe quality compounders offer the best way to generate superior long-term investment returns for our clients. To achieve this, we first focus on the trends that offer the highest growth potential and then identify the structural winners of these trends.
  • Jack  Neele
    Portfolio Manager
  • Richard  Speetjens
    Portfolio Manager
In this webinar, Jack Neele and Richard Speetjens explain the broad long-term megatrends on which the strategy focuses, as well as the steps we take to uncover the quality compounders of these megatrends and build our portfolios. Finally, we also provide some insights into three specific trends catching attention in 2020.