Manager Selection & Monitoring

Manager Selection & Monitoring

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Key points:

  • Best mix of managers (including passive managers), rather than a mix of the best managers
  • Latest fintech technologies help convert large volumes of data into relevant information
  • Holdings-based platform enables us to monitor at manager, asset class and portfolio level

How can we help you?

Corestone's independent specialists work with the Solutions team at Robeco in Rotterdam. Thanks to the holdings-based approach, we construct balanced multi-manager portfolios that match your investment beliefs and cost and risk budget perfectly. This approach prevents unwanted positions in the portfolio and risks that are not expected to be compensated with returns. We offer extensive reports to help manage your investment portfolio and remain in control.

Conozca las perspectivas más recientes
Conozca las perspectivas más recientes

What sets us apart?

Corestone’s manager selection goes further than a simple approach based on historic returns. A professionally constructed portfolio has a balanced distribution across asset classes, asset managers and risk factors. Our motto is: ‘Create the best portfolio of managers’. What we mean by this, is that managers should complement each other. That's not the same as selecting the best manager for each asset class. Too often, that approach leads to undesirable concentrations of styles and factors. Our manager selection process is objective, reproducible and carefully documented.

‘The best portfolio of managers’ rather than ‘a portfolio of the best managers’

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