Facts and figures

Facts and figures


People living in China
(Source:, 18 May 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates)


China’s share in the world population

Robeco Chinese Equities
Robeco Chinese Equities

Celebrating the 20th anniversary

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9,388,211 km2

China’s total land area


Of China’s population is urban

USD 12.824 trillion

Market capitalization of Chinese market, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and stocks listed overseas (US, Singapore, etc.)
(Source: Citi Research, Robeco, March 2018)


Expected GDP growth over 2018
(Source: Robeco)

USD 41.4 billion

Fund flows into China since 2006
(Source: EPFR Global, Morgan Stanley Research. Data as of May 16, 2018)


Cities in China, of which 102 have over a million inhabitants
(Source: Demo Graphic Research Group, 2017)


Key themes shaping the new China: consumption upgrade, industrial upgrade, structural reform, and technology & innovation
(Source: Robeco)


Share of 65+ people in China’s population by 2020
(Source: McKinsey, National Statistic Bureau, NDRC, UN-Department of Economic and Social Affairs, US Census Bureau, Deutsche Bank , CICC)


Strategic sectors targeted in the Industrial Upgrade plan:

  1. Electrical equipment
  2. Farming machines
  3. New materials
  4. Energy saving and new energy vehicles
  5. Numerical control tools and robotics
  6. Information technology
  7. Aerospace equipment
  8. Railway equipment
  9. Ocean engineering equipment and high-end vessels
  10. Medical devices
(Source: CSOFT International)


Of global new-energy vehicle sales over 2017 were Chinese
(Source: CAAM, ACEA, CICC)

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