Successful NLII business loan fund continues to grow

Another € 480 million available for Dutch SMEs through institutional investors

Amsterdam/Rotterdam, 8 March 2017 – Dutch investment institution Nederlandse Investeringsinstelling N.V. (NLII) and Robeco today announce that the SME corporate lending fund Bedrijfsleningenfonds (BLF), created by NLII with Robeco acting as fund manager, has raised € 480 million in the second funding round, bringing the fund total to € 960 million. This will make extra funding from institutional investors available to larger Dutch SMEs. An amount of € 195 million has already been lent to Dutch SMEs since the fund was established.

The parties participating in this second round of funding are NN Group, Pensioenfonds Metaal & Techniek (PMT), Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro (PME), a.s.r. and the European Investment Fund (EIF). Most of these parties also participated in the first funding round.

NLII CEO Loek Sibbing: “The success of the BLF is clearly highlighted by this second round of funding. Our objective is to enable institutional investors such as pension funds and insurers to invest directly in the Dutch economy and that is exactly what the BLF offers investors. The fund has already enabled a number of Dutch companies to continue to grow. Expanding the fund increases the lending opportunities for SMEs significantly.”

Robeco BLF fund manager Erik Hylarides: “The BLF was established to bring about a change in the funding landscape by offering companies access to multiple sources of finance. The current expansion of the fund and the pipeline of transactions we are working on prove that this has been a success. All parties are extremely positive about this new type of financing. The panel of banks we work with has now been expanded and we have been able to achieve attractive returns for investors with excellent prospects.”

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