Robeco announces name changes for Lux-o-rente and Flex-o-rente

Rotterdam, 20 January 2017 – Robeco today announced that it intends to change the name of Robeco Lux-o-rente to Robeco QI Global Dynamic Duration, and Robeco Flex-o-rente to Robeco QI Long/Short Dynamic Duration.

Robeco Emerging Lux-o-rente Local Currency will be named Robeco QI Emerging Markets Dynamic Duration. This will make the funds more internationally recognizable, and also provides greater transparency on the fund's investment policy. The proposed name change of Lux-o-rente is subject to approval and will be put to the vote during an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.

Robeco’s Dynamic Duration funds focus on active duration management, meaning that they actively adapt their interest-rate sensitivity (duration) to the interest-rate changes as forecasted by a quantitative duration model.

Robeco will also be introducing ‘QI’ (Quantitative Investing) into the names of the quantitative fund range in the coming months to create a collective identity and to make them more recognizable. No changes will be made to the investment processes of the funds.

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