Robeco National Investing Poll: Can sporting success restore confidence?

Rotterdam, 20 July 2016 -sentiment is not really picking up according to the last quarterly Robeco National Investing Poll, a survey that periodically measures sentiment relating to saving and investing. The Robeco National Investing Poll fell from 96 to 93. “The second quarter was disappointing”, according to Robeco Chief Economist, Léon Cornelissen. “The number of jobs is picking but there is too little wage growth. Earlier optimism has waned”.

“And of course we have also suffered a blow as a result of the surprising Brexit result. This could cause large investors to shy away, certainly if they start thinking that they shouldn’t be in Europe either”, adds Cornelissen. “Apart from this, however, there don’t seem to be any real problems, because the US has postponed its rate hike for now and the ECB is more likely to reduce interest rates still further”.