Robeco builds presence in the UK

Rotterdam/London, 1 December 2015 – Today, Robeco announces the opening of its new London office in the City of London. The office will focus on serving UK institutional investors, global distribution partners and global consultants.

As previously announced Mark Barry has been appointed Head of UK and Institutional Business for Robeco UK. Robeco's Global Financial Institutions team, headed by Nick Shaw, and Global Consultant Relations team, headed by Peter Walsh, are also run out of the London office. They are currently supported by a team of 6 FTE and Robeco is planning to expand this to around 20 FTE within the next two years. Robeco has a long track record with the UK institutional market and currently has approximately GPB 5bn in assets under management (as at 30 September 2015) from UK client mandates.

As in many other regions across the globe, Robeco will provide its client base in the UK market with access to high level expertise, amongst others within the field of Sustainability and Quantitative Investing. Robeco has been integrating ESG criteria in its mainstream products for many years, and has been at the forefront of active ownership by engaging with companies in which we invest to improve their sustainability practices since 2005. Robeco is also a pioneer in the field of quantitative stock selection since the early ‘90s. In 1994 the first stock selection models were used in Robeco equity strategies. Following the success of these models in practice, Robeco launched a 100% quantitative equity product line in 2002. This expanded over the years, currently spanning a wide range of investment strategies, with different regional exposures and risk-return characteristic and has over the last years developed a number of innovative factor investing strategies.

Mark Barry said: “Robeco coming to the UK is about bringing a suite of capabilities and skill sets to help clients build more sustainable, long-term portfolios to achieve their objectives. There is definitely a space in the UK for Robeco’s ‘cautiously pioneering’ mentality of using long-term, highly innovative sustainable investment strategies. These have been built on the bedrock that founded Robeco in 1929 and still stands today: using research-based, tried and tested strategies to deliver long-term results.”

Hester Borrie, Head of Global Distribution & Marketing and a Member of the Management Board of Robeco Group, said: “Building on our track record with clients in the UK, we are ready to be going to the next stage. We are delighted that our commitment to the UK market is now set in stone, with the opening of our new London office and the appointment of Mark Barry as Head of our UK business. Mark is supported by a strong team within Robeco that has had a solid focus on London in recent years. London is a key hub for the institutional and wholesale investment business globally. With the opening of our new London office, Robeco is now well established in all of the world’s major financial centres.”