Robeco Private Equity

ISIN: NL0000292720
  • An easy way to invest in a well-diversified private-equity portfolio.
  • Benefit from the expertise and years of experience of the Robeco Alternative Investments private-equity team.
  • Attractive returns and low correlation with other investment categories
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Investing in private equity or other types of enterprise equity of (generally) unlisted companies


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Robeco Private Equity


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Fund Classification

ESG integration
Sustainability Themed Fund

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Currency policy

The Certificate is denominated in euros and will pursue a passive currency policy.

Dividend policy

Semiannually on 15 January and 15 July. The payments on the Certificates start as soon as total distributions from the basket are greater than total contributions to the basket in the previous semi-annual period.

Investment policy

The Certificate holders' total investment will be committed to the five underlying Robeco private equity funds-of-funds. These funds will, in turn, commit this capital to a selection of private-equity funds which will subsequently invest it in non-listed companies as soon as interesting opportunities arise. The payments on the Certificates are subject to the contributions to, and the distributions of, the five underlying funds in the basket. Until recently it was virtually impossible for private investors to invest in private equity. Investments in this asset category often involve a large financial commitment and an in-depth knowledge of the market. The introduction of Robeco Private Equity makes this exclusive asset class available to private investors. The fund mainly invests in private-equity funds (specialized investment companies) whose main activity is finding companies which have the potential to become large players in the long term. Robeco Private Equity's structured portfolio is built carefully by a team of experienced experts. Research, quantitative analysis and advanced risk-management systems play an important part in management.

Risk policy

Please refer to the prospectus for a description. The prospectus can be downloaded from the fund-facts page.

Jesse de Klerk & Niels Bardelmeijer
Jesse de Klerk & Niels Bardelmeijer

Jesse de Klerk & Niels Bardelmeijer

Mr. De Klerk is responsible for the internal management of the primary fund investment process for RobecoSAM PE and is a member of the Allocation and Advisory Committees. In addition, he is responsible for global investments in listed private equity. He serves on the advisory board of a number of private equity funds. Prior to joining Robeco in 2004, Mr. De Klerk was a consultant at KPMG, involved with Performance Improvement, Risk Management and Financial Management. Prior to that, he worked at Andersen as a consultant within the Enterprise and Operational Risk Services division, advising both governments and large (international) companies in the field of risk management. Mr. De Klerk started his career at Deutsche Bank in London, where he worked in the Global Markets Research division. Mr. De Klerk holds an M.Sc. cum laude in Financial Econometrics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and is a CFA-charter holder and a CAIA-charter holder. Mr. Bardelmeijer is Fund Manager of Robeco Private Equity since October 2009. Prior to joining Robeco in 2007, Mr. Bardelmeijer worked as an account manager at the Corporate Clients department at ING Real Estate, where he was responsible for delivering financial solutions to a portfolio of several national and international key corporate clients. Prior to that, he worked as an account manager at the Structured Finance department at ING Real Estate, where he was involved with syndication, securitization and due diligence. Mr. Bardelmeijer holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam.


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Management companyRobeco Institutional Asset Management B.V
Fund capital
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1st quotation date996192000000
Close financial year31-12
Legal statusMutual fund
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Fiscal product treatment

The fund is established in the Netherlands. The fund is a mutual fund that is open in the sense of the Dutch Corporate-Income Tax Act 1969. The fund has the status of 'fiscal investment institution' in the sense of article 28 of the Dutch Corporate-Income Tax Act 1969 and, as such, is taxed at a corporate-income tax rate of 0%. The fund is obliged to pay out the realized current income in the form of dividend within 8 months after the end of the financial year. The fund withholds Dutch dividend tax at a rate of 15% from these dividend payments. The fund can in principle use the Dutch treaty network to partially recover any withholding tax on its income.

Fiscal treatment of investor

Investors who are not subject to (exempt from) Dutch corporate-income tax (e.g. pension funds) are not taxed on the achieved result. Dutch tax-exempt bodies may seek a full refund on the 15% dividend tax withheld on dividends (25% prior to 1 January 2007). Interest income is exempt from tax withheld at source. Investors who are subject to Dutch corporate-income tax can be taxed for the result achieved on their investment in the fund. Dutch bodies that are subject to corporate-income tax are obligated to declare interest and dividend income in their tax return. In principle, Dutch bodies that are subject to corporate-income tax may offset the 15% dividend tax withheld on dividends (25% prior to 1 January 2007) against the corporate-income tax and seek a refund of the excess amount. Investors residing outside the Netherlands are subject to their respective national tax regime applying to foreign investment funds. Shareholders who do not pay tax in the Netherlands and who are resident in countries that have a tax treaty with the Netherlands to prevent double taxation may seek a refund for part of the Dutch dividend tax from the Dutch tax authorities, depending on the treaty. As of 1 January 2007, a pension fund having its registered office in another EU member state is also entitled to a Dutch dividend-tax refund. The above is based on the current fiscal legislation and regulations in the Netherlands. We advise individual investors to consult their financial or tax adviser about the tax consequences of an investment in this fund in their specific circumstances before deciding to invest in the fund.


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