Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds

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About this fund

The fund invests only in in euro-denominated government bonds with an AAA/AA rating. The fund manager selects government bonds on the basis of macroeconomic developments, debt sustainability analysis and ESG profile.


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Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds


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Market development

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US Treasuries (0.2% euro hedged) and German Bunds (0.7%) posted positive returns in August, while Italian BTPs ended the month in the red (-3.3%). European inflation data surprised on the downside, which gave German Bunds additional support. But the switch of investors out of Italian BTPs and into Bunds ahead of the release of Italian budget plans, was probably more important in explaining the rally in Bunds. The impact on other euro area government bonds was limited. Spanish and French bond spreads widened modestly versus Bunds in August.

Fund Classification

ESG integration
Sustainability Themed Fund

Fund allocation

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Currency policy

All currency risks are hedged.

Dividend policy

All income earned will be accumulated and not be distributed as dividend. Therefore the entire return is reflected in the share price development.

ESG Integration policy

For Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds ESG information of countries is integrated in the investment policy. For a large group of countries a ESG profile is conducted. These profiles are the basis for the "Country Sustainability Ranking" where we rank countries in terms of ESG performance. The ranking is updated twice a year. Countries are discussed individually in the team, to clearly assess where opportunities and risks are expected. This information is taken into consideration in the investment decisions, in combination with traditional analyses of fiscal and monetary policy. ESG information is especially valuable for decisions regarding country allocation.

Investment policy

Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds Fund is the ideal fund for investors seeking a solid bond investment, made up of 100% AAA/AA European government bonds. Thanks to its solid bond expertise, Robeco holds one of the top positions among Europe's bond-fund providers. The country allocation is determined by a top down and a bottom up analysis to determine country specific risks and opportunities. Country allocation has been an important performance driver over the past few years. Active portfolio management of Euro sovereign bonds allows investors to benefit from credit spread movements whilst keeping investment risks under control. This fund offers the possibility to benefit from Robeco's many years' experience in government bonds. The fund can be used as a solid building block of an institutional portfolio. The portfolio holds Euro denominated investments only and therefore eliminates currency risk.

Risk policy

Risk management is fully embedded in the investment process so as to ensure that the fund's positions remain within the set limits at all times.

Expectation of fund manager

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Bond yields in core euro countries are close to the bottom of recent ranges. From that perspective, there is room for yields to rise. Italian budget worries have calmed somewhat recently, but political risks could flare up again and lead to a new episode of risk aversion. In addition, we still do not see much inflation materializing in Europe, nor in the US. There is an upswing visible in European wages, but its translation into rising core inflation will probably be a slow process. So, while we are underweight duration, we do expect modest moves rather than a huge rise in yields.

Stephan van IJzendoorn
Stephan van IJzendoorn

Stephan van IJzendoorn

Mr. van IJzendoorn is a Portfolio Manager in Robeco's Global Fixed Income Macro team. Prior to joining Robeco in 2013, Stephan was employed by F&C Investments as a Senior Portfolio Manager Fixed Income. Before his move to F&C Investments he worked in similar functions at Allianz Global Investors and A&O Services. Stephan started his career in the Investment Industry in 2003. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Financial Management, a Master's degree in Investment Management from the VU University Amsterdam and is CEFA charterholder.


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Management companyRobeco Institutional Asset Management B.V
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AvailabilityLU, NL
1st quotation date1387152000000
Close financial year31-12
Legal statusInvestment company with variable capital incorporated under Dutch law
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Fiscal product treatment

The fund is established in the Netherlands. The fund is closed for corporate-income tax purposes (fiscally transparent). This means that all results are attributed directly to the participants. As a consequence, the fund is not liable to corporate-income tax and withholds no dividend tax.

Fiscal treatment of investor

Professional investors are divided into pension funds and non-pension funds. Dutch pension funds may re-claim the 25% dividend tax deducted on cash dividends entirely. Dutch non-pension funds may deduct the 25% dividend tax deducted on cash dividends in their corporate income tax assessment. Dividend tax in that case is tax deducted at source. No tax is deducted at source on interest income. Thus, Dutch pension funds do not owe taxes on interest income. Dutch non-pension funds should specify interest income in their corporate income tax assessment.


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