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  • Best in class sustainable fund using ESG-data as starting point
  • Disciplined and repeatable investment process
  • Experienced team management
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About this fund

Robeco Euro Sustainable Credits provides a diversified exposure to the the most sustainable companies in each sector within the Euro investment grade credit market. The selection of these bonds is based on fundamental analysis. The fund applies a screening process to select issuers that are ranked based on their sustainability profile. Following the screening procees the fund is actively managed and implements beta policy and can take some off-benchmark positioning in emerging markets, covered bonds and a limited exposure to high yield bonds.

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Robeco Euro Sustainable Credits CH EUR


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Fund Reference index
The value of the investments may fluctuate. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Annualized (for periods longer than one year).
Cumulized (total amount of return).
Performances are gross of fees and based on closing values. In reality, costs (such as management fees and other costs) are charged. These have a negative effect on the returns shown.

Performances are net of fees and based on transaction prices.

Performance explanation

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Based on transaction prices, the fund's return was -0.57%. The portfolio posted a negative return in November, which was a little bit better than the return of the index. The average credit spread of the index widened from 128 basis points to 149 basis points during the month, contributing negatively to the return of the portfolio. The index spread is now back at the level that was last seen in March 2016. Underlying government bond yields declined during the month, benefiting the portfolio’s return. The beta of the portfolio was a bit above one, implying that the top-down positioning contributed negatively to the performance of the portfolio.The contribution of issuer selection to the relative performance was positive this month and there were large differences in individual bond performances. The overweight in Spanish credit contributed positively, the same applies for the overweight in banking. Looking at risk-adjusted returns, the largest positive individual contributions came from Bankia, Iberdrola and Mapfre. The underweight position in General Electric contributed positively too. The largest negative contributions came from RBS and Aviva.


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Market development

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Risky assets had a rough ride again in November. For corporate bonds, spreads tightened in the first week of the month, followed by significant spread widening in the weeks thereafter. Investors are becoming more concerned about the economic outlook, as economic data in Europe is surprising negatively and momentum in the US seems to be slowing down too. Worries around Brexit increased, as the political situation within the Conservative government turned out to be very volatile. UK banks suffered significantly in this period, with Barclays and RBS being the worst performers. Non-financial corporates are having a difficult time too. A very clear example here is the spread widening that occurred at General Electric’s debt. All three agencies downgraded the company from single A to BBB+. This downgrade caused a lot of selling, after which spreads widened significantly. In the past months, one of the themes in the market has been the big increase of the BBB weight in the corporate bond market that occurred over the past years. Potential downgrades of BBB-rated companies to high yield could lead to more forced selling in the future.

Fund allocation

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Fund Classification

ESG integration
Sustainability Themed Fund

Currency policy

The fund only invests in Euro-denominated bonds.

Derivative policy

Robeco Euro Sustainable Credits make use of derivatives for hedging purposes as well as for investment purposes. These derivatives are very liquid.

Dividend policy

The fund distributes dividend on a quarterly basis. This fund aims to pay a quarterly dividend of 1.00%. The dividends referred to are target dividends and may be subject to change as a result of market conditions.

ESG Integration policy

ESG integration is key within the investment universe that only consists of companies that have best-in-class ESG scores, determined by the research process of RobecoSAM. Our credit analysts integrate ESG factors in their analysis of the companies fundamental credit quality to strengthen our ability to assess the downside risk of our credit investments.

Investment policy

Robeco Euro Sustainable Credits provides diversified exposure across circa 80 corporate issuers to the Euro investment grade credit market (industrial and financial companies). The fund selects the best-in-class sustainable issuers in close cooperation with RobecoSAM, market leader in sustainability information. The investment philosophy is based on managing a solid diversified portfolio with a long term view. The universe for this fund consists of thoses companies in each sector, that have the best scores in the three ESG factors. Top-down beta positioning is based on the outcome of our credit quarterly outlook meeting, in which the team is discussing the fundamental market outlook, valuation of bond markets and market technicals. Bottom-up issuer research is executed by our credit analysts, who execute the fundamental analysis. The analyst research reports are being discussed in approx. 500 credit committees per year. The portfolio managers are responsible for the portfolio construction. A proprietary developed risk management approach avoids high risk concentration in the portfolio. As the investment process is well-structured and proven over time, it contributes to repeatable performance delivery.

Risk policy

Risk management is fully embedded in the investment process to ensure that positions always meet predefined guidelines.

Expectation of fund manager

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Our latest Quarterly Outlook took place on 6 December. There are many reasons to be cautious about credit markets, like trade wars, Italy, Brexit and the slowdown in China. The biggest concern however, seems to be the end of easy liquidity, now that QE is ending and the Fed is hiking rates. It is very difficult to predict when the next recession will arrive, but we can see that market volatility is increasing and we know that especially the US credit market is vulnerable after a long period of increasing corporate leverage. We do take some comfort from the fact that European companies have behaved fairly conservative in the past years. Market expectations for the hiking path of the Fed are changing and we might be very close to the last hike already. Valuations have improved as spreads have widened, so we think it is too late for an underweight positioning. We are willing to buy bonds that have widened significantly already, while we keep our cautious stance towards expensive names that have not repriced yet. We are still shying away from buying Italian credit.

Jan Willem de Moor
Jan Willem de Moor

Jan Willem de Moor

Mr. de Moor is a Senior Portfolio Manager and a member of the Credit team. Prior to joining Robeco in 2005, Mr. de Moor was employed by SBA Artsenpensioenfondsen as Senior Portfolio Manager Equities for six years. Before that, he worked at SNS Asset Management holding positions of Portfolio Manager Equities (three years) and Research Analyst (two years). Jan Willem de Moor started his career in the Investment Industry in 1994. He holds a Master's degree in Economics from Tilburg University.


The Robeco Euro Sustainable Credits fundis managed within Robeco’s credit team, which consists of nine portfolio managers and twenty-three credit analysts (of which four financials analysts). The portfolio managers are responsible for the construction and management of the credit portfolios, whereas the analysts cover the team’s fundamental research. Our analysts have long term experience in their respective sectors which they cover globally. Each analyst covers both investment grade and high yield, providing them an information advantage and benefiting from inefficiencies that traditionally exist between the two segmented markets. Furthermore, the credit team is supported by dedicated quantitative researchers and fixed income traders. On average, the members of the credit team have an experience in the asset management industry of seventeen years, of which eight years with Robeco.


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The fund is established in Luxembourg and is subject to the Luxembourg tax laws and regulations. The fund is not liable to pay any corporation, income, dividend or capital gains tax in Luxembourg. The fund is subject to an annual subscription tax ('tax d'abonnement') in Luxembourg, which amounts to 0.05% of the net asset value of the fund. This tax is included in the net asset value of the fund. The fund can in principle use the Luxembourg treaty network to partially recover any withholding tax on its income.

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Investors outside Luxembourg are subject to their national tax regime applying to foreign investment funds. We advise individual investors to contact their financial or fiscal adviser regarding their specific fiscal situation.


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