Five reasons to do a sustainable investing internship
Sustainable investing internship

Five reasons to do a sustainable investing internship

Looking for an internship opportunity but don’t know what internship to go for? These are the five reasons why you should apply for a sustainable investing internship at Robeco SI Center of Expertise.

1. Experienced supervisors

Robeco SI Center of Expertise consists of four teams that all have a broad mix of academic skills and professional experience that form the basis for our approach to sustainable investing. We offer both practical working internships and thesis research subjects. The research projects we offer will provide you with experience of the cutting edge of sustainability and investments and with our thesis projects you will receive valuable supervision from experienced supervisors, many of whom have completed a PhD or CFA.

2. Fantastic working environment

The Active Ownership team has a decade of experience in working with interns in our team and both the interns and full time employees of Robeco’s SI Center of Expertise describe the environment as open and embracing with a strong focus on professional development for the interns. The team’s members are eager to help if you have questions or problems. We are an international group and a growing department with many young professionals.

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3. Offers an insider’s look into Robeco and the investment industry

Our internship offers direct insight in how different teams collaborate between research, investments and engagement when it comes to sustainable investing. Your work as an intern in the SI Center of Expertise directly contributes to change at the companies we invest in. Sustainability Investing research projects are used in practice to create impact and deliver real world changes to the way we invest the money of our clients in a more sustainable manner. During the internship you will collaborate directly with the people who use your research, such as analysts and portfolio managers. You will visit various departments and meet key people throughout the Robeco organization. You will get to know Robeco from the inside and learn about the investment industry.

4. Job opportunities

Many interns find their way into Robeco or the broader asset management industry with job opportunities after their internship. The following testimonials give you an example how former interns are now making their career in Robeco or in the asset management industry.

5. Remuneration

For our internships in Rotterdam we offer a monthly allowance of 565 EUR for all interns and a housing allowance 450 EUR for candidates that have to relocate to the Netherlands. For our internship opportunities in Zurich compensation is based on your work experience and is negotiated individually.

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