Robeco Investment Research

Imagine working at the intersection of academia and practice, using a scientific approach to beat markets and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns and solutions to clients. That’s the exciting work we do at Robeco Investment Research.

Investment Research is the Robeco department that develops, maintains and enhances the proprietary models that drive our rules-based portfolios. Our models leverage on in-house research to exploit market inefficiencies in equities and fixed income markets. Quantitative investment within Robeco has gained in importance in recent years. Our quantitative models no longer just play an advisory role but are the driving force behind how we invest more than EUR 35 billion worth of the assets.

Investment Research has an academic DNA which fits our scientific approach to investing. Our experienced researchers have backgrounds in economics, econometrics and mathematics. Many of us hold PhDs or CFA charters and some are affiliated to universities as assistant or associate professors. The department has many years' experience supervising top university talent and publishing academic research. Innovation and creativity play an important role in our work. The average age of our researchers is 30 and around 30% of us started out as a Super Quant interns.

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