Anomalies in Chinese stock markets

At Robeco, we have a long history of investing in stocks from emerging markets companies. This includes investments in stocks of Chinese companies with a domestic listing (A-shares) through quota allotted to qualified foreign investors. Recently, the A-shares market has been liberalized and quota are no longer required for foreigners to invest in these shares. This has lead to the partial inclusion of these A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index in 2018 and spurred the interest to better understand the behavior of stock returns in this market, which is the second largest in the world after the US market.

For this internship project, we aim to extend the existing body of research on factor premiums and anomalies in domestic Chinese equity markets. We already have access to the CSMAR database, which is an excellent starting point to discover whether anomalies detected in other developed, emerging, and frontier markets also exist in the A-shares market. Several studies on A-shares (see literature list) have been published already, but many research questions remain. The goal of this research project is on the one hand to examine the robustness of results presented in existing studies, and on the other hand fill gaps in the literature with original research contributions. This research may have concrete implications for the EUR 20 billion assets that we have under management for our quantitative emerging markets investment strategies.

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