Specialized areas

Investing, marketing and sales are the most important disciplines at Robeco. They are also our biggest passion.


Investing revolves around achieving the best returns. In our investment department, more than 120 people manage a variety of products and individual mandates for institutional investors. They closely monitor the economic and financial news via advanced information systems, and regularly visit the companies in which they invest.


Robeco FIRST
Weena 850
3014 DA Rotterdam
The Netherlands


The marketing department is driven by what the client wants. This is an important area within Robeco, since those who are good at creating products for a variety of clients must also excel in approaching and supporting these clients, while both markets and the clients themselves are continually changing. For smart and creative marketers there are therefore plenty of challenges.


Sales has one aim and that is to score. Locating new clients, developing and maintaining relationships, selling our products and services - these are the core tasks of our sales staff. This requires empathy, goal orientation and expertise, and is very demanding in terms of your social skills, sales abilities and insight into your client's needs.