Company Secretary

Job Description

Key Accountability
The Company Secretary plays a key role in the effective functioning of the Supervisory Board, as well of the Executive Committee / Management Board. The Company Secretary is a trusted advisor to the executives and forms an important link between the Boards and the businesses and departments within the Corporate Center. The Company Secretary sees to it that the Boards act in compliance with corporate governance principles and statutory and regulatory requirements. Activities include the preparation, organization and follow up of Board meetings, including efficient communication with internal and external stakeholders. The Company Secretary is also responsible for organizing events like the Annual General Shareholder meetings. In addition the Company Secretary provides leadership to the Group Secretariat (5 FTE, of which 3 Legal Councels and 2 assistants). In order to be successful, the Company Secretary works closely together with other Corporate Center functions, the businesses and several other stakeholders.

The tasks and responsibilities of the Company Secretary have increased over the years as a result of the changing role of the Corporate Center function and the complexities of the environment financial institutions have to operate in.

The priorities for the role include:

  • Assisting and guiding members of the Boards acting with integrity and independence to protect the interests of the company, its shareholders, its employees and other stakeholders, and give impartial advice and support to the members of the Boards (in particular, members of the SB who might not have such detailed knowledge of the company).
  • Being compliant with the Light Structure Regime and aligned with the Corporate Governance Rules; proactively follow (international) development regarding corporate governance and translate these to the company’s procedures, regulations and processes.
  • Being compliant with relevant legal, regulatory and listing requirements and translate these to the company’s procedures and practices.
  • Advise the boards in optimizing the governance structure as and when required.
  • Overseeing that correct procedures are followed and the members of the Boards act in accordance with their statutory obligations and obligations under the articles of association.
  • Assisting the members of the Boards in the actual organization: Produce an annual time table of meetings for the several Boards;
    Work with the chairmen of the boards to develop the board agenda;
    Prepare the Board meetings and manage the preparation of documentation;
    Ensure decision making and reporting in accordance with the governance structure;
    Attend Board meetings as and when required and adequately minute the meetings;
    Pro-actively organize and monitor follow up.
  • Providing advice and support to members of the Boards as well as to the several departments within the Corporate Center, both on governance related content as well as for all practical issues.
  • Providing leadership to the Group Secretariat, which takes care of the corporate housekeeping such as organizing shareholder meetings of the Dutch and Luxembourg investment institutions and subsidiaries ;supporting the production of the annual and semi-annual reports of the Dutch and Luxembourg investment companies and of the Robeco corporate annual report; management of all representative authorities of the Robeco. The Group Secretariat also support the Company Secretary in his tasks.

The Company Secretary will represent the core values of Robeco (client centered, innovative, sustainable and connecting).

Role Location
Direct reporting line to the CEO and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Robeco FIRST
Weena 850
3014 DA Rotterdam
The Netherlands


The Company Secretary is a seasoned professional with direct experience in the overall financial services industry, and ideally experience in asset management. He/she has an academic background (e.g. Law, Public Administration, Economics). He/she has at least 6-8 years of relevant (corporate governance and company processes) experience in a corporate environment and has developed a good understanding of the Dutch governance environment and international business.

The Company Secretary has the highest personal and professional integrity. He/she is impartial, objective and has a high level of independency in terms of thoughts and deeds. The Company Secretary possesses first class communication skills and is a very able and accomplished negotiator. Excellent networking, negotiating and communication skills are essential to be successful in the role. The Company Secretary exudes commitment and stability. He/she is a balanced and independent individual and is recognized as a mature ,strong and natural leader with gravitas and personality. He/she easily gains professional and personal respect and credibility from all the stakeholders concerned. He/she is at ease with all levels within an organization, and is used to work naturally and convincingly at board level, has an excellent network, both internally as well as externally, is able to maintain strong relationships.

The Company Secretary combines an international track record with an understanding of the culture and the ways of doing business in The Netherlands/Europe and preferably also Asia.

The main competences of the Corporate Secretary are the following: 
  • Results-Orientation: The Company Secretary has a good track record in setting and reaching true stretch targets. He/she shows to be able to convince others and to be decisive, even in circumstances of incomplete information or ambiguity. He is disciplined and process-oriented and is able to work out practical solutions. He/she sets best practice standards. 
  • Collaboration and Influencing: The Company Secretary is able to work well with a wide variety of stakeholders and communicates effectively with them. He/she demonstrates influencing skills, being able to build bridges between different people and constituencies and to create buy-in and commitment. On the other hand, he/she is open to the input of others and will pro-actively seek others’ advice. He/she has a very well developed intercultural sensitivity and good situational antennas.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that Robeco complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance. In practice this responsibility translates to support several institutions within Robeco by registering and executing several decision-making processes. The Company Secretary holds a strategic position at the heart of governance operations within Robeco and acts as a point of communication between the ExCo/ Management Board, the Supervisory Board and Shareholder, reporting in a timely and accurate manner on company procedures and developments.


Robeco is working in close partnership with N2Growth to fill this vacancy. For more information on the position, please contact Erik de Bruine from N2Growth on 31 (0)6 – 53224845. To apply, please send your cover letter and CV to

All applications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. An assessment and integrity test will be used in the selection procedure.