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Robeco, a mid-sized global asset manager, offers a mix of investment solutions within a broad range of strategies to institutional and private investors worldwide. Robeco’s head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company has a strong presence in the US, Europe and Asia and a developing presence in key emerging markets such as India and Latin America. Robeco was founded in 1929 in the Netherlands as Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium. Today, Robeco is the center of asset-management expertise for ORIX Corporation, Robeco’s majority shareholder based in Tokyo, Japan. The following subsidiaries and joint ventures form part of Robeco Group: Robeco Investment Management, Corestone Investment Management, Harbor Capital Advisors, Transtrend, RobecoSAM and Canara Robeco Asset Management Company.

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Robeco is an IT intensive organization. We have a huge amount of data that we want to turn in to relevant information to support our business decisions and help our customers. We have state-of-the-art technology both in our cloud-infrastructure as in information systems that support our investments processes and run our websites.

Technology is evolving at an ever increasing pace. This places us for a dilemma; we need to keep up with technology trends but our resources are not unlimited. We must choose wisely in which technology we invest.

Robeco Group Information Services (GIS) created 2 internship-assignments that deal with this dilemma. We would like to gain new insights in bringing cutting-edge technology to our business.

Internship 1: Data Science

Robeco is a data-intensive organization. We have a huge amount of data that we want to turn in to relevant information. "Outside" an even larger amount of data is available, ready to be turned into profitable insights.

We strongly believe that old-school Business Intelligence & Reporting is dead and that we must invest in the new field of data-science. We are setting up a data analysis and visualization platform that enables Robeco employees to turn data in to information without intervention of the IT department: Citizen Data Science.

In doing so, we run in to a number of questions:

  • How to make data easily available for everybody (How can we keep the platform simple and reliable?)
  • What about data governance (Data is available for everyone, who guards data quality?)
  • Regulatory Restrictions (Everything can be done, but is everything legal?)

This task can be split in two parts:

  1. Setting up data science architecture: tooling + processes + documentation + training + ...
  2. Showing added value of the data science platform by using the platform turn data in to added value for a specific business domain

Internship 2: Explore the future

Robeco is a technology-intensive organization. Technology is evolving at an ever increasing pace. This places us for a dilemma; we need to keep up but our resources are not unlimited. We must choose wisely in which technology trends we invest.

We want to assess cutting-edge technology and decide which technology would be most profitable to add to our technology-toolkit.

This task can be split in two parts:

  1. Creating the simplest-possible-yet-functional "technology radar" that helps us assess new technology and match technology with business needs and possibilities.
  2. Using the radar for a scan of the current technology landscape. Selecting highest-potential technology and apply it at Robeco.

Internship 3: Put BlockChain to work

Some snippets from the news:

  • Alaskan 'Judge' wants Pope Francis to endorse the BlockChain
  • Europol: No confirmed evidence linking Islamic State to BitCoin
  • UBS contributes BlockChain code to HIV research effort
  • Visa Europe: The BlockChain is 'No longer a choice'
  • Microsoft introduces BlockChain as a service

Without a doubt BlockChain is the most mentioned and hip technology in the financial industry.

The "distribution of trust" paradigm has the potential to fundamentaly change our industry. Robeco is investigating how to harness the potential of BlockChain and how turn it in to workable and profitable solutions

This internship has both a technical and a organizational component.

On one hand we want to investgate where in in the value chains blockchain can be applied for Robeco Which domains are more viable for BlockChain?
Which of our application vendors can support BlockChain?
Which of our external partners can support BlockChain?
Is there a way to apply blockchain outside of current application landscape and processes?

On the other hand we would really like to see BlockChain in action. We are looking for an intern who is capable of implementing a blockchain or make Robeco participate in a larger blockchain by building a prototype.

Additional prototype: We would like to experiment with setting up a Decentralized Autonomos Organization (DAO) based on BlockChain technology.

We are looking for a student in computer science or a related study who is able to apply knowledge into working solutions.


Current enrollment in university is required for this position. We are looking for an enthusiastic student in the last phase of university education with affinity financial markets, IT trends and the processing and analysis of data.


Please send your application to m.verheul@robeco.com. For more information about these internships you can contact Marleen Verheul (Manager Delivery Corporate Departments, Retail & Marketing) at m.verheul@robeco.com or phone number +31 10 224 2350. All applications will be treated confidentially.